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Custom Laundry Room Storage in Boise, Idaho

Out of all of your laundry-related tasks, which is your favorite? Pre-treating, separating, washing, drying, folding, ironing, putting away? Maybe you’re shaking your head, thinking that none of that is particularly appealing. While the organization experts at Space Envy can’t make the chore of laundry go away, we can make it easier and more pleasant with a custom laundry organization system.

If your laundry room is not organized, don’t despair: We have the products to help! If you are ready for a laundry room renovation project, Space Envy can design, build and install your custom laundry organizers. You’ll be in and out of the laundry room in no time.

Get Your Boise Laundry Room Organized From Top to Bottom

You have a lot to accomplish in your laundry room, and we can help. Here are some of the features you might have in your new laundry room storage system:

  • Laundry room cabinets

    Your wall cabinets will be installed at the right height to accommodate anything from laundry baskets to detergents and other aids. Cabinets for the laundry room are great, as they allow you to close a door and keep your laundry helpers dust-free.

  • Laundry room shelves

    Your laundry room remodel can also feature shelves, available in a variety of easy-care finishes. Open shelving is great for letting you see exactly what you have and keeping it at your fingertips.

  • Laundry room organizers

    Everything from a fold-down ironing table and hooks for hanging to clothing rods and a variety of bins and baskets will allow you to keep your laundry room organized and efficient.

Remember that your laundry room design is created just for you. We’ll ask you about how you handle laundry in your house and will build your organization system accordingly.

If you are ready to begin your laundry room renovation project, please give us a call. We can come to your Boise, Nampa or Meridian home at no cost to provide a complimentary consultation. We’ll show you what your new laundry room cabinets will look like and can give you hints on which organizers might work best. Call today!