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Matte Garage Cabinets in Boise

Clean, elegant and simple are three adjectives you might use to describe our matte garage storage cabinets. They are easy to care for: Just wipe them down periodically with a damp cloth or a mild soap. That’s it!

At Space Envy, we want you to decide which type of cabinet looks best in your garage. We offer two different options when it comes to our matte cabinets.

Matte Garage Cabinets in Two Shades

If you enjoy a simple, streamlined look and want your car to be the focal point of your garage, our matte cabinets might be for you. Achieve better garage organization with one of these choices:

Silver Matte Finish Sample


Our Matte Silver organizer cabinets are just clean and classy as the white ones, but they add a bit of modern design to a traditional look.

White Matte Finish Sample


If you like the look of white cabinets, you can’t do better than our Matte White finish. These are clean and crisp, lending an air of tradition and class to your garage.

Either of these matte cabinet styles would showcase any color vehicle. If you are ready to take the next step to include our easy-care matte garage cabinets to your custom garage, please give us a call to schedule an in-home consultation. There’s no cost or obligation, so call today!