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If your children’s rooms are messier than you’d prefer them to be, you are not alone. Most parents struggle at one point or another with kids who don’t know how to keep their bedrooms clean. Most closets are not built to be child-friendly; the clothing rods might be too high and the accessories too large for your little ones to use comfortably.

At Space Envy, we can build an adjustable closet for your child. The best part about our kid-friendly closets is that the closet we build for your child when he or she is a toddler will still fit when the teenage years arrive. Because our kid wardrobe closets are fully adjustable, all you will need to do is move a few of the closet accessories, and it will function just as well for a big kid as it does for a little kid.

Kids’ Closet Systems Designed for Better Organization

If your child has clothing and accessories strewn around the bedroom, one of our kids’ closet designs will help get him or her back on track. Our storage solutions can include organizers like cubbies, hooks, baskets and bins. Storing sweatshirts on hooks and pants in bins or closet drawers can allow your child to eliminate the struggles that he or she might have with hangers.

Our closet organization experts can come up with a kid-friendly closet design for your child. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation at your Boise, Nampa or Meridian area home. There is no cost, and you will be able to look at various kids’ closet organization systems so you can choose the one that will work best for you.

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