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Does a Custom Closet Increase Home Value?

Does a Custom Closet Increase Home Value?

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If you own your home, then you probably think about how the upgrades and renovations you are considering will affect your home’s value. This is likely true even if you don’t plan on selling anytime soon; most people see their homes as an investment, and they will strive to keep their investment growing in value if at all possible. 

There are some upgrades that can add to the value of the home. Well-known ones might include adding a bedroom, upgrading carpeted floors to hardwood, and updating the kitchen appliances. Adding custom closets to your home can also increase its value and can help you sell your home more quickly when the time comes to put it on the market. Read on to find out how custom closets can pay off when you decide to sell.

Walk In Custom Closet Installation

Staging Is That Much Easier

When you put your home on the market, your real estate agent will let you know what you should do in order to make your home appeal to most buyers. This will include putting away personal items and perhaps removing some of your bulky furniture. You might be asked to pick up area rugs that are covering hardwood floors or switch out freestanding lamps to brighten up rooms. These actions will help buyers better envision their own items in your home.

When you take these steps, however, you will likely notice that you suddenly have a lot of extra belongings to store. Custom closets and other storage areas will give you the perfect place to stash these items. Piling them up in the corner of the master bedroom or stacking them in the garage will add visual clutter that neither you nor your potential buyers will want to see. Paying for a storage unit is an option, but it doesn’t make good financial sense if you don’t have a lot of items (or large items) to store. If you have a customized storage area like a walk-in closet or a large custom utility closet, however, that will give you the space you need to pack these items away. In addition, it will show your buyers that you have enough storage space to store not only your everyday belongings but also the things you have packed up in advance of your move.

Buyers Are Drawn to Extra Storage Space

If you ever watch home-buying television shows on HGTV, you will notice that most would-be buyers want storage--and lots of it. Walk-in closets are coveted, but whether your closets are large or small, custom closets can increase the space that you have for storing all sorts of items.

A master bedroom walk-in closet outfitted with drawers, shelves, shoe racks, double-hung clothing rods, and various accessories will almost always appeal to buyers. Even reach-in closet organizers will show buyers that they will be able to store a lot of their belongings inside the space. Kids’ custom closets are especially attractive; they can be used for the new buyers’ children or, if they don’t have children who will be using those bedrooms, for guests, as craft closets, or whatever else they desire.

This boon of extra storage is not limited to closets, of course. A custom kitchen pantry, a garage with a custom organization system, or a Murphy bed installed in an office all add storage space to the home and can pique the interest of a buyer.

Custom Closet System Installation

Optional Upgrades Usually Indicate Good Maintenance

When you purchase someone else’s home, it’s anyone’s best guess as to whether they kept up with maintenance. While an inspection will suss out problems like neglected plumbing issues or an old roof in need of a replacement, potential buyers don’t necessarily want to wait until they get to the inspection phase to determine that routine maintenance has been done. Seeing indications that a home has been cared for can be reassuring for someone who is hoping to put in one bid and move through the purchasing process smoothly (so, everyone!).

Having optional upgrades like custom closets is usually a strong indicator that basic maintenance has been done. Very few homeowners would invest in unnecessary renovations while neglecting the basics of their home. This does not only apply to custom closets, of course; any cosmetic or luxury upgrade (such as granite counters, new cabinets, etc.) will tell your buyers that you take pride in homeownership and that you have put your time and money into keeping your house in good condition.

All Things Being Equal, Custom Closets Stand Out

When you are selling your home, the goal is for your house to stand out against the competition. If you have a “typical” home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage on the most common lot size in your neighborhood, you will need something unique if you want to attract attention. Make no mistake: Your house will probably end up selling anyway, but your goal is likely to get the best price possible and to have it sitting on the market for as short a time as possible. Maybe you even dream of a bidding war!

A luxury like custom closets can be that little something special that makes your home stand out among the rest. Space Envy is a custom closet company in the Nampa, Idaho, area. Contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation and closet design. We would love to have the chance to get to know you and to show us how custom closets can change your day-to-day life now and increase your home’s value in the future. 

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