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Wood-Grain Garage Cabinets in Boise

Do your decorating preferences tend to be on the traditional or classic side of the spectrum? Our wood-grain garage storage cabinets will bring you the organization you need in your garage. The wood-grain finish is moisture- and stain-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about the humidity in your garage.

We offer these cabinets in two shades, so you can decide whether you’d like a light or dark wood.

Wood-Grain Garage Cabinets in Two Shades

Your wood-grain garage organizer cabinets are easy to care for and look great. Choose from either of these two options:

Coco Wood Grain Sample


Coco is our darker wood finish. If your garage is a bit rustic or you prefer the timeless look of dark wood in your home, this is probably the shade you will prefer. It would look great showing off a light-colored car.

Maple Wood Grain Sample


Our Maple wood finish is lighter and is perfect for accentuating a dark-colored car. If your home is decorated with maple, oak or another light-colored wood, you might prefer this shade in your garage as well.

Your free in-home consultation will allow you to see what our wood-grain cabinets will look like installed in your home. Call Space Envy today to schedule your appointment. There’s no risk or obligation, so call now and see what a difference new garage cabinets can make to your overall organization.