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3 Top Secrets Revealed For Organizational Bliss In Your Home

3 Top Secrets Revealed For Organizational Bliss In Your Home

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Have you ever wondered why some people’s homes always seem so clean and well organized even though they don’t even hire a maid? It makes you feel elevated when visiting but sullen when returning to your place, because you know your home could look great too if only you could be more organized. Do you want to know exactly how they manage to do it?

It’s actually quite simple; it’s all in your storage systems and the habits you implement around them. Custom closet and other storage systems with purposeful organizers throughout your home combined with some good habits hold the key to non-stop organizational bliss.

3 Secrets For Organizational Bliss in Your Home

Here are some simple secrets to organizational bliss in your home that will help you foster new habits permanently.

  • Letting Go Of What Doesn’t Serve You

    It is a lot more complicated to organize your stuff if there are items you don’t really need or use anymore. This is where you have to get serious and start letting go of some things to truly achieve organizational bliss. Get 3 good sized boxes - Designated them as ‘keep/store’, ‘throw away’ and ‘donate.  Then move through every room in your home filling them up accordingly. With what you have left to keep or store you can begin assigning them a newly designated place.

  • A Designated Place For Everything

    You need to have a designated place for every item in your home. For example, where do your car keys go? Do you have a designated hook or bowl for them next to the door? Where do your pens go? Do you have a pen holder? What about your magazines, sports gear or hobby items? How are they organized/stored? It is important to make a designated “home” for big or small everything needs a designated place. Having adequate storage and closet organizers will also help this habit to function better.

  • Put Things Away Immediately

    A habit many people have is to leave items they use lying around, thinking, “I’ll just put it away later”. But then life gets in the way and clutter accumulates. Putting them away later is more likely to be avoided if clutter piles up. So get in the habit of putting things away immediately after use. The few moments or even minutes this takes will pay off immensely! Having designated storage systems in place is going to help you maintain this habit a great deal.

  • Keeping A To-Do Calendar or List Handy

    Trying to remember everything that needs to be done ALL of the time can just add to the chaos and translate as clutter in your home. Instead, have a small notepad handy in your purse, put a calendar up on your wall at home and an erasable whiteboard up on your fridge. Every time you remember something that needs doing, write it down and check off your list or add it to your calendar by the end of each day. This habit alone is life-changing.

  • Clean Up As You Go

    This habit is highly effective because it is so much easier to clean as you go than to let it pile up and do a big clean up later. So if you’re in the kitchen, wash your dishes as you use them, wipe counters down too. In the laundry, fold and hang as you finish each load. In the bathroom, include cleaning as a part of your shower routine.

Developing these simple routines and systems will have life changing effects on the organization in your home. Are you a resident in Boise, Nampa or Meridian? Would like the assistance of an expert designer to visit your home for FREE and show you how you can achieve organizational bliss? Then call the team at Space Envy today and mention this article to claim your FREE In-Home Consultation.